A consult-first model since 2013 means far better patient outcomes. Others might simply order testing, but a detailed evaluation is necessary to fully understand medical issues and to inform appropriate testing (if needed) and ongoing support. Patients enjoy a consultation with a sleep specialist before sleep testing, but that isn’t always the case at other facilities. You always see a physician first because doing so is critical to understanding your sleep complaints before ordering any testing. The Insomnia and Sleep Institute of Arizona knows that any clinic is only as good as their diagnoses. A correct diagnosis is a key to appropriate therapies and treatments. During your consultation, your sleep specialist will perform a full evaluation to devise a personalized plan for testing and treatment—if appropriate. You’ll also meet with the Insomnia and Sleep Institute of Arizona benefits coordinator to discuss coverage, authorizations, and more. We make everything transparent and straight-forward so you know your diagnosis and the recommended next steps.