Anupama Ramalingam, M.D.

Languages: English, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi

Dr. Anupama Ramalingam, M.D., is a sleep medicine specialist and expert in adult psychiatry. She was voted a “Top Doc” in 2020 and is primarily based at The Insomnia and Sleep Institute of Arizona Gilbert office. Her residency in psychiatry and fellowship training in sleep medicine was completed at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Board certified in both sleep medicine and psychiatry, Dr. Ramalingam is a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of all sleep disorders, including insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), parasomnias, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome (RLS), and circadian rhythm disorders. Her focus is on treating sleep disorders for a healthier life and as a disease prevention strategy.

Dr. Ramalingam’s psychiatry training ensures that she is acutely aware of the critical association between sleep health and mental health. She knows that insomnia and certain psychiatric disorders are linked and often exacerbate each other. This makes her uniquely positioned to understand a patient’s insomnia and either treat or refer the patient for proper treatment of a psychiatric disorder—such as anxiety or depression—that is acting as a co-morbidity.

Dr. Ramalingam also has a keen interest in working with pediatric patients struggling with a variety of sleep disorders. She places an emphasis on behavioral sleep medicine and how it informs sleep disorder treatment.

As a leading sleep medicine physician, Dr. Ramalingam says, “My goal at Insomnia and Sleep Institute is to provide patients with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic tools available in sleep medicine and to help patients understand the basis of their treatments. By carefully listening to my patients, I employ specific diagnostic testing when needed to tailor a therapeutic plan for each individual.”

“Each office member you come in contact with will be courteous and kind. It didn’t take long to go back and see the doctor. Dr. Ramalingam was so thorough and calming. I highly recommend this caring office.”

– Dena Deal