If you live in the East Valley, you do not have to travel far to meet with the Face of Sleep Medicine in the Phoenix Area. The Insomnia and Sleep Institute of Arizona is located in Gilbert and serves the Mesa, Chandler, and Queen Creek areas of Phoenix. We are exclusively staffed by sleep specialists and every consultation is with a sleep expert so that a correct diagnosis can be made. The right diagnosis is a must for follow-up testing and treatment, and provides the fastest avenue to treating you or your child’s sleep disorder. We have been voted “Top Doc” in the region for six straight years, a prestige that relies on peer votes to pinpoint who the leading specialists might be. Patients travel from around the world to meet with sleep specialists at The Insomnia and Sleep Institute, but for those in the East Valley the best is in your own backyard.

We are a comprehensive sleep center—not a sleep testing site. This means we are home to three sleep specialists and unparalleled staffing levels. Additionally, you will find a clinical psychologist who focuses on CBT for insomnia treatment, nurse practitioners who are trained in sleep medicine, and a physician assistant with a Masters in Sleep Medicine. Respiratory therapists and medical assistants at The Insomnia and Sleep Institute are committed to helping you achieve the quality of sleep you deserve.

Sleep Better in Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, and Queen Creek

Why is sleep so important? It’s the foundation for health in every other part of our life. Everyone experiences a night of poor sleep from time to time, but having these problems chronically becomes a problem. Issues like insomnia or sleep apnea can occur night after night and our bodies pay for it. Lack of quality sleep has been associated to several physical conditions, from diabetes to heart disease. It also affects our mental and social health. Poor sleep leads to fatigue during the day, being distracted, and being too tired to enjoy hobbies or spending time with friends and family.

Many people think they’re getting enough sleep, but the quality of your sleep is just as important. Sleep disorders such as Restless Legs Syndrome keeps the body and mind alert throughout the night, which can prevent the body from completing all necessary sleep cycles. We might think we are getting enough hours of sleep, but if you are routinely fatigued during the day that might not be the case.

Outcomes First

The Insomnia and Sleep Institute adopts an outcomes-driven approach, which means a diagnosis must be made prior to testing and treatment can proceed. Many are surprised to learn that this isn’t the case at every sleep center (and certainly not at every sleep testing site). Trying to test or treat before a diagnosis can lead to a lengthy, expensive, and unnecessary series of steps. Without a diagnosis, what are you testing for? A sleep specialist can and will provide a diagnosis before major tests are taken and well before treatment is started.

However, only a sleep specialist can accurately diagnose a sleep disorder. It is not uncommon to have more than one sleep disorder (and certain co-morbidities) and sometimes one sleep disorder can look like another to the untrained person. That’s why you should only ever work with a sleep expert when you suspect you have a sleep disorder.

Caring for Sleep Disorders in the East Valley

At The Insomnia and Sleep Institute, we work with adults of all ages and children as young as two. It is very possible and not uncommon for a young child to have a sleep disorder, but they often cannot articulate to their parents or caregivers what is wrong. Young children often get tired quickly, so what looks like a typical two-year-old needing a nap might actually be a child who is struggling with a sleep disorder. If you have noticed your child does not sleep through the night as they should, seems exceptionally tired during the day, or struggles with more obvious sleep disorders like night terrors, help is available.

Start the journey towards better quality sleep today by booking a consultation with The Insomnia and Sleep Institute. Complete the online form and we will connect with you shortly to schedule your consultation with a sleep specialist.