The National Sleep Foundation reports that 33 percent of adults are chronically sleep-deprived, but what about children? The Insomnia and Sleep Institute of Arizona treats patients of all ages struggling with sleep disorders, including patients as young as two years old. Sleep is critical for everyone, and kids who get enough high-quality sleep have better attention spans, learning capabilities, memory, behavior, and better overall health mentally, physically, and emotionally. Sleep can also directly inform proper, healthy growth, which is essential for children.

In adults, poor sleep or lack of sleep can increase the risk of obesity, high blood pressure, and a host of other conditions. However, you don’t need to necessarily be an adult to set the foundation for these unhealthy conditions. The sleep habits and sleep treatments we enjoy as children can be a catalyst for good sleep hygiene and enough high-quality sleep as an adult. There is no singular magic number of nightly sleep hours that kids need to get depending, but rather timeframes that are considered healthy. Children 2 – 5 years old need anywhere from 10 – 14 hours of sleep per day, with fewer hours necessary as they get older.

Have you noticed that your child seems fatigued during the day or struggles to fall and stay asleep at night? Sleep disorders do not have an age minimum. In fact, some newborns even struggle with sleep apnea. Your child deserves only the best, and that means trusting the sleep medicine experts in the Phoenix area for all of your pediatric sleep medicine needs.

Sleep Hygiene for Children

A proper sleep disorder diagnosis must precede treatment for sleep disorders (such as CPAP machines). However, everyone can also benefit from having a good sleep hygiene routine. Sleep hygiene includes best practices and rituals that encourage the mind and body to prepare for sleep. Many sleep hygiene practices are the same for adults and children alike, such as stopping electronics at least one hour before bed, limiting caffeine, dimming the lights, and taking a warm bath or enjoying a nightly sleepy-time tea routine. The key here is to develop a routine, and establishing one that evolves correspondingly to your child’s age can be a great way to ensure better sleep for life.

However, if sleep hygiene is not enough to help your child get the amount and quality of sleep they need, there may be a sleep disorder present. Signs of a sleep disorder vary in children and can be obvious (such as snoring or seeming to stop breathing while asleep) or more subtle. Parents likely have an idea that a child has one of the common conditions such as OSA or night terrors, but you might also notice that they have started to have behavior issues at school. It’s important to avoid giving children sleep medication unless it is recommended by a sleep medicine expert after a diagnosis has been established. Over the counter sleep medicine can be habit-forming and may not be the best approach for your child.

Where to Turn for Help When Your Child Can’t Sleep

The Insomnia and Sleep Institute is staffed by sleep specialists, and we have enjoyed the title of “Top Doc” in the Phoenix area for five consecutive years. Known as the “Face of Sleep Medicine” in the region, The Insomnia and Sleep Institute has unbeatable staffing levels with three sleep specialists, a physician assistant with a Masters in Sleep Medicine, a clinical psychologist concentrating in cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, and nurse practitioners who are specifically trained in sleep medicine.

At The Insomnia and Sleep Institute, we are outcome-driven. That’s why a diagnosis always comes first—it’s the only way to create an expert-level and customized treatment or management plan for you and your child.

There are many types of sleep disorders, and while it is true that children might “outgrow” some, that is not always the case. Additionally, your child deserves quality sleep now so they can grow to their healthiest selves. The Insomnia and Sleep Institute is home to clinical trials for sleep medicine, and is proud to serve you as the comprehensive sleep center in Phoenix. To schedule a consultation or appointment for your child, give us a call today at (480) 745-3547 or complete the form at The Insomnia and Sleep Institute online.