Are you anxious because you’re not getting quality sleep—or are you not getting good sleep because of anxiety? It could be both, and at The Insomnia and Sleep Institute of Arizona we will work with you to identify any issues and disorders with an outcome-based approached. Every patient at The Insomnia and Sleep Institute begins their journey at our sleep center with a consultation with a sleep specialist who can diagnose sleep disorders. This is the natural first step before testing and treatment can take place.

It is very common to struggle with both a sleep disorder and other issue such as an anxiety disorder. The human body is a comprehensive machine and if there is an issue in one place (such as a sleep disorder) it will likely also reveal itself in another manner (such as anxiety).

Your Best Self Through Sleep

Our sleep clinic is staffed by sleep specialists like Dr. Ruchir P. Patel and you will find unparalleled levels of staffing at The Insomnia and Sleep Institute. We are proud to serve the Greater Phoenix region as the “Top Doc” in sleep medicine for the last consecutive six years. Since sleep can affect (and be affected by) multiple other concerns, we are committed to helping you manage your sleep problems quickly and efficiently.

Sleep and anxiety have a complicated relationship. You already know that if you’re worried or afraid it’s tougher to go to sleep and stay asleep. Everyone worries from time to time, but chronic worry may be a sign of anxiety. Sleep is essential. If you are sleep deprived, it can worsen an anxiety disorder and trigger a vicious cycle. Anxiety disorders, just like sleep disorders, are quite common amongst U.S. adults and some children. In fact, anxiety disorders are the leading mental health issue and it is well-established that lack of sleep can be detrimental to overall well-being.

Anxiety or an Anxiety Disorder?

Whether you’re struggling with “just” anxiety or an anxiety disorder, this feeling will probably interfere with your sleep. Anxiety is when you are worried or feel uneasy, and everyone will experience this at some point in their life. However, an anxiety disorder occurs when such feelings are excessive and chronic. In many cases, those with an anxiety disorder find that their fear doesn’t match the situation and that their worry is getting in the way of their daily life. These feeling can ebb and flow a bit, but they are typically persistent and happen most of the time.

Anxiety disorders can present in many ways, both physically and emotionally. You may not be able to focus, moods can change easily, and you might get easily irritable. Feeling routinely afraid can make someone feel overwhelmed and unable to control their emotions. In a physical sense, tense muscles, fast breathing, fatigue, shaking, and gastrointestinal issues are common with anxiety disorders. As you can imagine, all of these common signs can also keep you from getting quality sleep

How to Treat Sleep Disorders

Your sleep specialist can be an important part of your medical team. If an anxiety disorder is present, a sleep specialist can still help improve your quality of sleep. There are various techniques available, from cognitive behavioral therapy with a sleep specialist to treating any physical conditions such as OSA that can help to soothe symptoms of anxiety. However, if you do have an anxiety disorder along with a sleep disorder, it’s important to see experts in both fields. You can depend on The Insomnia and Sleep Institute for all of your sleep concerns. We work with patients as young as two years old because sleep problems (and anxiety) can happen at any age.

The good news is that anxiety disorders are one of the easiest to treat among the mental health disorders—and many sleep disorders are also treatable. You will need expert care for any mental or physical disorder, and that’s where The Insomnia and Sleep Institute can help. As the Face of Sleep Medicine in Arizona, we will work with you to determine a sleep-based diagnosis followed by any required testing and treatment.

Currently we are offering in-person and virtual consultations with a sleep specialist for your convenience. If you’re struggling with getting the sleep you need, contact us via the online form right now or call the office to schedule your consult.