Nighttime sleep aids are nothing new, but many have reported side effects, including dependency. The Insomnia and Sleep Institute of Arizona is committed to providing patients with the best methods for treating sleep issues, including acute and chronic insomnia. Sip2Sleep® is an organic sleep aid that combines tart cherries and Venetron® to help you sleep well and sleep naturally. It is the first product of its kind that combines these two natural ingredients without artificially added melatonin.

Montmorency tart cherries are a source of melatonin, the hormone that is in charge of our sleep-wake cycle. There are other melatonin options on the market, but not all are derived from all-natural ingredients. These cherries are known for helping to boost tryptophan, a key amino acid that is linked to serotonin. What this means is that you can fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up without feeling groggy but feeling refreshed instead.

Studies Supporting Sip2Sleep® Ingredients

Although this product has not yet been FDA-evaluated, a number of clinical trials have analyzed Montmorency tart cherries to assess how they might help a variety of conditions, including insomnia. Louisiana State University published a 2018 article in the American Journal of Therapeutics that showed those who took eight ounces of Montmorency tart cherry juice twice daily increased their sleep time by 84 minutes on average. This was compared to the control group who was given a placebo. Those who received the tart cherry juice also self-reported a “significant reduction” in how much time awake they experienced after initial sleep onset. On average, this unwanted wake time was reduced by 62 minutes. What could you do with nearly an extra two hours of quality sleep each night?


Another study in 2019, published in Nutrients, examined a number of natural remedies for athlete recovery, including tart cherry juice. The authors provided an overview of the Louisiana findings, stressing the high amounts of natural melatonin in the fruit along with its anti-inflammatory properties. According to the Louisiana authors, “Cherry juice increased sleep time and sleep efficiency” while the increase in tryptophan “reduced inflammation and may be partially responsible for the improvement in insomnia.”

Mood-Supporting Venetron®

In addition to the tart cherry extract, Sip2Sleep® has the mood-supporting Venetron®. This derivative is also completely natural and is an extract that is quite similar to St. John’s Wort. Made of Apocynum venetum and full of flavonoid bioactive compounds, it does not contain hyperforin and hypericin like St. John’s Wort. Instead, the addition of Venetron® is designed to help with anxiety and to lower blood pressure while improving quality of sleep and REM sleep. Just like any supplement, it is important to discuss adding a new regimen to your routine with a doctor. Luckily for patients at The Insomnia and Sleep Institute, the leading sleep doctor in Arizona is also the developer of Sip2Sleep®.

Restful Sleep and Preventing Sleep Conditions

Our very own Dr. Ruchir P. Patel created Sip2Sleep® as part of his commitment to treating all sleep disorders. Having struggled with insomnia himself in his youth, he has dedicated his life and work to helping others. Specifically, with mounting evidence in recent years over potential long-term negative effects of taking prescription sleep aids like the popular Lunesta, Ambien, and even over the counter options, Dr. Patel prioritizes conservative and natural methods whenever possible. Sip2Sleep® can also be used as an aid in weaning patients off of prescription and OTC sleep aids. Oftentimes, cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) can also be an effective tool when managing insomnia. Combining Sip2Sleep® with CBT-I and/or other sleep doctor-approved methods is a great step in helping you safely get the quality sleep you need and deserve.

Dr. Patel has been recommending Montmorency tart cherry juice to his patients for the last four years, encouraged by the findings at Louisiana State. He was pleasantly surprised to find that over 75 percent of patients said they enjoyed a “positive response” to cherry juice that included finding it easier to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed. Sip2Sleep® is Dr. Patel’s response to the common issue of insomnia with combining Montmorency tart cherry extract (to minimize natural sugars compared to the juice) and Venetron® secondary to literature suggesting it can improve sleep quality but also potentially result in an increased in the amount of time spent sleeping in REM sleep. Whether you struggle with occasional jet lag as a frequent traveler and want to adjust to new time zones well or you have a chronic case of insomnia and you want to avoid or get off of prescription/OTC sleep aids, Sip2Sleep® might be just what you need.

Sip2Sleep®, just being released on the market at the end of August 2022, has already received tremendous positive feedback from individuals trying it including reports of significantly improved ability to initiate sleep but also maintain sleep and very commonly individuals are reporting an increase in the amount of dreams they are recalling nightly compared to before starting Sip2Sleep®.

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You can schedule a consultation with a sleep expert at The Insomnia and Sleep Institute to discuss your insomnia concerns before starting a Sip2Sleep® regimen. Sip2Sleep® may be a helpful aid in achieving more restful sleep and help change your sleeping habits for the better. No prescription is necessary as this is an all-natural remedy. Visit to learn more and purchase today.

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